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Orchard Pond Golf Course

06 June 2020
Our first Elk’s couples senior league. Had a good turnout. Julie and I played with Tony and Barb Mi. Julie and I walked. It was hot and muggy. No eating out after but we did hang out and have a couple drinks with old friends. I was playing OK, better than usual.
9 HolesStroke Play0/0

Country Meadows Golf Course

04 June 2020
Tom and I played. Nice day, cloudy and warm. The lot was full when we arrived for a 0930 tee time. Apparently quite a few out already and there was a large group scheduled for 10. Had some good and some bad. Since this is in Crawford County, a green county, the bar room was open so Tom and I had a burger and a beer. Felt good to actually eat out other than take out since this shit started way back when.
18 HolesStroke Play66.5/108

Green Meadows Golf Course

01 June 2020
Our first league day that actually took place. Others were cancelled due to weather. Tom and I played together against Bill Brenner and Bill Spano. I rode. Weather was OK but cool. We started on back nine.
18 HolesStroke Play67.5/118

Scenic Heights

28 May 2020
Played with Tom on a 0920 tee time. Our first time at Scenic this year. Course was in decent shape. Greens are usually slow here. Fairways were dry and long. I was playing OK except for a couple holes. Weather was cloudy in the 80;s I think they only charged me $13 but Tom said he paid $20. We both rode. Will have to check on this.
18 HolesStroke Play67.7/107

Green Meadows Golf Course

21 May 2020
Played with Tom and turned in our card for the league handicap. Nice day. Had some scoring problems. Used a coupon and rode.
18 HolesStroke Play68.1/119

Green Meadows Golf Course

18 May 2020
This was supposed to be our first league day. The previous one was cancelled due to wet weather. And we’ve had rain the past couple days so this was an optional day. Tom and I were there so we played nine. Course was wet but playable. We walked. I was dragging the whole time probably from mowing Joan’s grass yesterday. At least I got some exercise and fresh air. I’m not complaining. No official league next week due to Memorial Day. We have to submit a 18 hole score by June 29th for handicap purposes.
Front 9Stroke Play0/0

Green Meadows Golf Course

13 May 2020
Our first league day which was supposed to be Monday was canceled due to bad weather. It was a good call. So Tom and I played today at 0936. Nice day, light breeze only in the upper 40’s but sunny and comfortable. I walked the whole 18 which I never did last year. Felt good. Also paid my league dues and bought four rounds to cover my Monday league fees for four weeks. Played good on the front but had some problems, self inflicted, on the back. Will probably score better in league play since we hit from the senior tees.
18 HolesStroke Play67.5/118

Green Meadows Golf Course

05 May 2020
Played with Tom. We had an 0948 tee time and I’m pretty sure we were the first ones out. Didn’t see anyone else in front of us but some players showed up as the day went on. It was a cold day, in the 40’s and windy which added to the discomfort. We are in the Corona Virus epidemic. Golf courses in PA had been closed up until Friday. Restrictions including one player to a cart, styrofoam in the cups, no ball washers, garbage cans or scorecards are the main ones. You must have a tee time, no walkons. The course was in decent shape considering. Free lift from traps but I didn’t hit into any. Only lost two balls, both on hole 18. We started on the back nine. Was playing a little better than the score indicates. I rode, Tom walked but with cart path only I did my share of walking. Our league is supposed to start next Monday. Hope the weather cooperates. We did play white today with no fluffing or moving the ball. Tom - 108, me - 107.
18 HolesStroke Play67.5/118

Whispering Woods Golf Course

10 March 2020
First round of 2020. Played with Tom at an 1100 tee time. Real nice day, sunny in upper 60’s but did have some wind off and on. Course was cart path only and we did a fair amount of walking. I was playing OK, had a couple bad holes on the back. We played the senior tees. This is a difficult course. We took free lifts from all sand traps as they were untended and had no rakes anyway. It was a good day. I was basically satisfied with my play after a long, long layoff. We rode of course as the deal was 18 with a cart for $25. Came prepared but only lost two balls.
18 HolesStroke Play67.1/124

Whispering Woods Golf Course

26 November 2019
Got word that the course would be open for a few days because of a spurt of nice weather. Played with Tom at 1000 hrs and it was sunny and around 50. Course was pretty busy of course. Last time I played here was on Sept. 02, 2015, with Tom, Wayne and Wayne’s future son in law (at that time). Not sure if they ever got married. Wayne had a coupon for us all. We paid like $15 each. I shot a 109. Tom and I tried to play the whites today but since there were no tee markers it was trial and error. Course was in mostly good shape, a little soggy and cart path only which made for some hiking. Note* this is a beautiful and diverse course and I’ve seen and walked several including Augusta National. We got a good deal and may even get back if we have some more weather as decent as today.
18 HolesStroke Play70.5/134




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