No More US Handicap

I am sad to announce that Golf Frontier will no longer support the US Handicap calculation,  which is based on the USGA formula.  We received an official letter from the USGA asking us to refrain from calculating US handicaps.  Because of this,  the US Handicap information had been removed from the website.  You can read the official letter here.

We sincerely apologize to those of you who are affected by this decision. We truly appreciate the time and effort that each one of you has spent entering your scores into the system. At this point, if you decide that you do not want to use Golf Frontier anymore to track your scores, please contact us at, and we can help you export your scores.

The good news is that other handicap calculations supported by Golf Frontier for golfers around the world are not affected by this announcement.  These handicap calculations should continue to work as normal.  In the meantime, we are already exploring possible alternatives to replace the handicapping functionality.  Additionally all other scoring and game analysis features will continue to function as normal.