Golf Frontier has a broad selection of in-depth golf game analysis and statistical reporting tools. This walkthrough describes the use of these tools. Statistical analysis is a vital component to improving your golf game, as it provides you with a way to quickly and accurately discover problem areas that can be targeted for improvement.

Note: You must Sign Up with Golf Frontier to take advantage of statistical analysis functionality. Fortunately it is free to register, and anyone can join.

Part 1: Navigation

The Navigation bar at the top of the Game Analysis screens allows you to view exactly the data you want to see. In addition to being able to select the type of report to run, you can also control whether you want to include all courses or only a specific course in the report, as well as the duration of the report.

The following reports are currently available (each report is described in more detail below):

  • Scoring Summary
  • Statistics Summary
  • Best and Worst Rounds
  • Scoring by Hole - (All Holes, Par 3s, Par 4s, Par 5s)
  • Club Performance
  • Breakdown - Scoring and Putting

Each report can be broken down into a specific period of time:

  • Last 10 Rounds
  • Last 20 Rounds
  • This Month
  • Last 3 Months
  • Last 6 Months
  • Last Year
  • Last 5 Years
  • All Time

Scoring Summary

The Scoring Summary report shows your scoring breakdown over a given time period for a specific set of courses. This information is presented in both tabular and graphical formats. You can quickly track your average score, average round differential/adjusted gross score, # of putts, and other scoring items through the use of this summary page.

Statistics Summary

The Statistics Summary report shows you a breakdown for virtually every type of golf statistic available. This includes Greens in Regulation, Fairways Hit, Sand Saves, Driving Accuracy and more.

Best and Worst Rounds

The Best and Worst Rounds report shows your best (and worst) rounds for every statistical category that Golf Frontier tracks, both 9 hole and 18 hole rounds are listed in the report. You can use the filters to help determine where you play your strongest, and where you may have tendency to struggle.

Scoring by Hole

The Scoring by Hole reports break down each statistical category for each hole number, this can be done for all holes played, or can show only Par 3, Par 4 or Par 5 holes. The Information is presented in both tabular and graphical formats. By using the additional filters for course and duration, you can track how well you play on a given hole, and develop different strategies for holes with deficiencies.

Club Performance

The Club Performance report shows your success and failure rates with various clubs used when teeing off, and for approach shots to the green. This information can be used to make proper club selections or help you to determine your preferred yardage distance for approach shots.

Breakdown - Scoring/Putting

The Breakdown reports allow you to quickly compare different rounds side by side. These reports can be used to review trends or look for any patterns that may exist in your game.