Golf Frontier is a social platform that allows golfers to share their activities and accomplishments with one another. The more followers you have, and the more people you follow, the more social benefit can be derived from the platform and the more enjoyment you can derive from golf.

There are two type of social relationships that can be established. Followers, who are people who are following you; and Following, who are people you have chosen to follow yourself. The main benefit to both of these types of relationships, is that activites that are submitted to Golf Frontier by a given person will show up in the News Feeds of the people that are following that person.


These are people who are following you. Your activities will show up in their news feed, and they will receive notifications when you submit a new golf score. If you have a Private Profile, then you are allowed to Approve any followers before they receive these benefits. Additionally, you can mute or delete followers at any time.

Followers can be granted special permission to submit scores on your behalf. This makes it easy for one person to be the "group scorekeeper" and submit all scores for a given group anytime they play together.


These are the people who you have elected to follow. Following someone allows you to see their activity in your news feed. Additionally, you may receive notifications from them when they submit a new golf score. You can unfollow someone at any time.

Discovering People to Follow

There are several ways that you can find other people to follow. The simplest way to do this is to invite them yourself. Additionally, Golf Frontier will suggest people for you to follow (People you may Know), and finally, you can Search for specific users by Name. Both Suggestions and Search are part of Find Friends.