Its easy to track your golf scores and statistics with Golf Frontier. Recording this information is critical if you wish to establish a golf handicap, or to improve your game through statistical analysis. This walkthrough describes the process of submitting an individual golf score using Golf Frontier.

Note: You must Sign up with Golf Frontier to take advantage of scoring and stat tracking. Fortunately it is free to register, and anyone can join.

Choose a Course

Select the Add Score option from the left hand navigation menu on your profile page after logging in. From there, use the search box to locate the course you played. You can search by Course Name, Address, City, State/Region, Postal Code and Country (partial names are supported). If you don't want to search by name, you can also choose to search by location by clicking the Nearby Courses option. Addtionally, Some courses may show up automatically in the Quick Add section for scores you have submitted previously.

You will be presented with a list of search results for courses that match the specified search term(s). If you cannot find the course you are looking for the first time, search again by revising your search criteria. Once you have found your course, click it. The context menu appears below the course details, choose the Add Score option.

On Behalf Of
If players you are following have allowed it, you can submit scores on their behalf. This is an opt-in feature, and must be set up for each user under their Followers page.

Score Details

Once you have located the course, a new scorecard will be generated for you. Many courses already have Course Rating and Slope information loaded, and this can be selected by choosing the appropriate tee played. If the tee information does not already exist, than it can be entered manually with the rest of the details for your round.

There are certain details that are required in order to successfully submit your score, these include:

  • Date
  • Type of Play (Stroke or Match Play)
  • Holes Played (Front 9, Back 9, 18 Holes or 18 Holes Reversed)
  • Tee Name/Color
  • Course Rating & Slope
  • Notes (optional)
  • Cost (optional)
You can also include a profile picture as a visual reminder of your round.

Enter your Scores

Once you have picked all the details, you can start entering in your results hole by hole. There are eleven distinct statistics that can be tracked

  1. Score (or Match Play Result)
  2. Putts
  3. Hit/Miss Fairway (and Direction)
  4. Green in Regulation
  5. Tee Shot Distance
  6. Drive Club
  7. Approach Club
  8. Sand Save/Attempts
  9. First Putt Distance
  10. Number of Chip Shots
  11. Penalty Strokes
Each statistic (except for score) can be turned on or off via Account Settings.

Some Statistics (Such as Hit Fairway and Green in Regulation) are represented on the default scorecard with a icon. This represents the default (off) state for that statistic. Each subsequent click on the icon will toggle that statistic into a different state. Think of this as a checkbox, but with the potential to have more than just two states.

Once you have entered the statistics for each hole, hit the Save button to submit your score. Thats it!

As each new score is submitted, Golf Frontier will inlcude it in your career statistics, as well as include the score in your handicap calculation. You can return to the score at any time to make updates as needed. Any changes to a previously entered score will automatically be reflected in your career staistics and handicap calculation.