Account Settings

Account Settings is where you can customize your experience with Golf Frontier.

User Information

The user information section of Account Settings is where you can control your personal information. You can edit your name and location details, change the email address associated with your account, and write a short bio to make your profile more interesting.


You can upload a picture to your profile in any of the common image formats. This will appear alongside your activities and any other places where your name is displayed.

Statistic Tracking

You can specify which statistics you wish to track. Only stats that are checked will be visible for you when adding or viewing submitted scores.

Privacy & Notifications

You can control whether you want to have a Private Profile (only people you approve can see your activity), as well as your email preferences for specific functions.

Change Password

You can use this option to change your password.

Delete Account

You can use this option to delete your account. This option is irreversible, once your account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.