Rounds of golf that have been played by you or the people you follow.


Activities appear in your News Feed for each round of golf played. Clicking an item in the News Feed, will display the Activity Details for that item. Activity Details shows information about the round of golf in greater detail than what is visible in the News Feed.

For each Activity, Score Statistics are displayed with two columns of statistics. The Round column displays a summary of the stats for the round played, while the Career column displays a summary of the stats for all rounds that user has enetered into the system.

The scorecard option in the upper right hand corner will display the hole by hole scorecard for the current Activity.

You can upload a photo for your own activities directly from the Activity page by tapping the Choose Photo button, this photo will be associated with the activity going forward, and will show in the News Feed.

It is possible to "Like" or "Comment" on the Activity from the Activity page, in the same way as from the News Feed.