Edit Score

Enter in the score and statistics for the hole you just played.

Edit Score

There are two types of controls that are used to enter a value for a given statistic. The first type consists of plus (+) and minus (-) buttons with a numeric value in the middle. Tap the plus button to increase the value by 1, or the minus button to decrease the value by 1. Tapping the value itself will bring up the numeric keyboard, which can be used instead to edit the value. The second type of control is a button with an icon and text. Tapping the button will cycle through the different options that are allowed for that statistic, the available options will start over once you have come to the end.

The following statistics are available to be tracked by default:

  • Score The number of strokes taken on a given hole
  • Putts The number of putting strokes taken on a given hole
  • Fairway Whether you hit the fairway with your tee shot (or if you missed to the left or right).
  • Green Whether you hit the green in regulation (one stroke for a par 3, two strokes for a par 4, or three strokes for a par 5)

The following statistics are included with the premium version:

  • Drive Distance How far you hit your tee shot
  • Drive Club The club you hit your tee shot with
  • Approach Club The club you hit your approach shot with
  • First Putt Distance The distance from the hole with your first putting stroke
  • # Chip Shots The number of shots (typically from less than 50 Yards/Meters taken before you reached the green
  • Sand Save Were you in the sand? Were you able to get up and down successfully?
  • # Penaltys The number of penalty strokes taken.

All statistics (with the exception of score) can be turned on or off by editing your User Profile.

Once you have completed entering your score, tapping the save button in the top right corner will return you to the rangefinder. If all scores have been entered, then you will transfered to the Submit Score page.