News Feed

A list of the most recent golf activities by you and the people you follow.


There are two tabs at the top of the page which allow for filtering of the news items that are displayed. Choose "Following" to see everyone you are following's activity, or "Personal" to only see your own activity.

The feed will add more activities automatically as you scroll. Activities in the feed are displayed in chronological order, with the newest items appearing at the top, and the oldest item appearing at the bottom.

To navigate into an activity, tap anywhere on the course name, photo, icon or score badge. This is will open the contents of that activity into a new screen, where you can view the details, including the score statistics and navigate to the hole by hole scorecard.

It is also possible to add a Comment or Like for an activity from the news feed. Tap the to Like someone elses activity, or to enter a Comment. Both options are a great way to show your support for your friends after they play golf.