Find Friends

Find people you know that are already part of the Golf Frontier network, or invite your friends to join.

Find Friends

There are three ways to search for friends, these options are separated into tabs that appear at the top of the Find Friends page.


A list of users that might be of interest to you based on people you already follow, or that are located in the same geographic area.


Search for a user by name.


Invite one or more of the contacts from your phone to use the Golf Frontier App. This option will send your contact an email or SMS message with a link to the application for their favorite device, as well as a brief summary from you.

For each result displayed in the Suggestions or Search Tabs, tapping on the user's name or profile picture will show the read-only Profile for that user. Clicking the Follow button will follow that user. If the user has a private profile (denoted by the lock icon next to their name), you will have to be approved by them before you can see any of their activities or profile information.