Find Courses

Select previously played courses, and discover new courses to play.


Go here when you are ready to play a round of golf. To get started, you must first choose the course you are playing. Golf Frontier makes this easy with three different sub tabs, each of which has a sepcific purpose to help you find the course you want.


Courses that have already been downloaded locally to your device. A stored course can be played at any time, even without a data connection. Over time, the data for a stored course may become out of date when the course is updated. If this happens, a red exclamation will appear to the right of the course name. On a regular basis, the application will automatically prompt to update out of date courses, provided a data connection is avaialble.


Allows you to locate a specific course by its name or address information, this can be useful if you are trying to find a course that is not close by.


Using your device's current location, the application will check for nearby courses and display them in the results pane, ordered by their distance from your position.

Tapping on a result (from any sub tab) will display a context menu with the following options (some options are sepcific to a sub tab):

  • Play Golf with Scoring - show the Score Setup page prior to starting the GPS Rangefinder
  • Play Golf - start the GPS Rangefinder, do not use the app to track your score or stats.
  • Add to Stored Courses - Download the course data to your device so that it will be avaialble offline.
  • Call Course - Open the Phone Dialer with the phone number for the course.
  • Get Directions - Open the Default Maps app with directions to the course.
  • Add Course Review - Submit a review to for the course.
  • Report a Problem - Send us a note that there is a problem with the course so we can get it fixed.
  • Update Course - Manually update the data for the selected course.
  • Remove Course - Remove this course from the courses stored locally on your device.