Displays information about a Golf Frontier Account.


At the top of the profile page is the profile picture. Tap the picture to edit it. You can choose an existing photo or use the camera to capture a new one.

The number of followers and people you are following is displayed below the name, tapping either number will allow you to manage individual followers and the people you are following.

Tapping the Edit Profile button will open the Edit Profile page and allow you to edit your name and location settings, you can also select which statistics should be visible, and choose if you want to have a private profile or not.

The in the top right corner of the page is used to Find Friends and add them to your network.

Tap the Handicap label to view your current handicap calculation.

The License Tier displays the current level of service. Eventually, you will be able to click here to upgrade your account.

Career Statistics are displayed at the bottom of the page, these statsitics are based on what options are selected for your profile.