Setup Score

Choose parameters for score tracking when playing a round of golf.

Setup Score
Current Handicap

if you have used the application for a period time and have enough scores entered, your current handicap index will be automatically included, handicap index and the selected tee are used to calculate course handicap. This can be changed to any value for a given round, however this should always be the handicap index, do not enter in your course handicap.

Holes Played

The number of holes that to play for the current round. For a 9 hole course, there is only the option to play 9 holes. For an 18 hole course, there are four options:

  • 18 Holes
  • 18 Holes (Start on Back)
  • Front Nine
  • Back Nine
The option you choose determines how the GPS is loaded, so if you choose 18 Holes (Start on Back) for example, the first hole to display when you start will be #10.

Type of Play

There are two options that are currently supported:

  • Stroke Play - Track your number of strokes for each hole
  • Match Play - Enter a result of Win, Lose or Tie for each hole

Choose Tee

Select the Tee that you will use for this round, the available tees for a given course vary, and the ratings are determined by the USGA formulas. There is always the option to add a "Custom Tee"" if the tee you are playing is not listed, or the rating is incorrect. The rating information is what is used in part to calculate the course handicap.

Premium Tier Only

You can use the app to track scores and putts for the other three players in your group as well. In addition, if you enter a handicap index for each player, their course handicap will be automatically calculated.

Once you have made your selections, tap the Submit option in the top right corner to launch the Rangefinder.