Submit Score

Review a summary of your golf activity and share it with your friends.

Submit Score

The total score is displayed in the upper right hand corner. You can also enter the Tee Name, Course Rating and Slope. Comments can be entered. A photo can also be included to commemorate the round by tapping the Choose Photo button. Tapping the Scorecard button on the title bar will show the Scorecard

If you neglected to enter a score for a given hole while playing, that hole will be listed under "The following holes do not have an entered score." You can tap on any hole listed and then edit the score details before submitting your score.

If you would like to enter a course review at this time, the ability to do so from this page is also available.

Once you have reviewed all of the information and are happy with the details of your score, click the Sumbit button to submit your score to the server. This will also close down the rangefinder, and return to the Feed Tab. Your new score will show up automatically in your feed.